Why Family Time Is The Best Time

In a year where it seems like all we’ve done is spend time with the family, we have forgotten the reasons why being with our family is great. You all know that I love cupcakes, but where my heart truly lies is with my son. In this life we are constantly moving, always busy and looking towards our next chapter. Take the time to appreciate family life and understand why it is the best time.


Being able to create fun memories with your family (whoever your family is) is the gift that keeps on giving. Spending that time to do something all together is a memory you will cherish forever and never forget. It doesn’t matter what you do, sometimes even the smallest of things are the most important, but remember to have fun and enjoy it.


Sometimes, now that we have all kinds of technological devices around us all the time, we forget the importance of communication throughout the family. By having 10 minutes to talk about your days or even just about a TV program you both love, you can build on that communication and make it just an everyday thing you can do together.


Whether it be reading, board games, or like us, baking, planning a span of activities to do together as a family is always a great idea. Throughout both lockdowns, the only thing we could really do together was indoor activities, but now that restrictions should hopefully be slightly relaxed, there are so many new and exciting things to do as a family.


Studies have shown that by spending time with their mum, children’s stress hormones are lowered, which in turn, leads to those amazing feel-good hormones entering the brain. So not only is it fun for you to get to spend quality time with your kids, but they are also reaping the benefits from it as it actually makes them happier people.

Improved Mental Health

Being stuck inside has been tough on everyone this year and any way to feel less lonely than we do is a benefit for everyone. This whole post I have been talking about the importance of family time, but at the end of the day, doing whatever it is you love to do with your family is what is important. Make that quality time unique to you and do what makes you and your family happy.

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Family time really is the best time!