Themed Birthday Cupcakes

It’s been a tough year for anyone that has had a birthday in lockdown, as there wasn’t much to do to make it a super special day. However, making beautiful cupcakes, with a theme of your choosing, has definitely been a highlight for us! Here, we want to give you a little look into some of our favourite cupcake designs we have done for this year.


Starting off with the picture above, a PlayStation and Chelsea FC batch of cupcakes is surely what a 2020 football themed birthday needed! Perfect for anyone who loves football and has missed watching their team play, these cupcakes can be customised to your favourite team and surrounded by anything that brings you joy. It may be a while until football comes home, but these cupcakes are sure to fill your home with birthday cheer.

TV Characters

From The Octonauts to The Ninja Turtles, kids TV character cupcakes are on the rise and we really love making them. If you or your child has a favourite TV show or character and want some cupcakes designed with that theme, then look no further. Cupcakes are a great alternative to cake, as there is no cutting or left-over cake to worry about. Birthday cupcakes are the way to go!


Every day of the year it is someone’s birthday, that is a given, which means that every day there is a new opportunity to do some seasonal themed birthday cupcakes. No matter if your birthday is in November, December, or June, we can do any cupcakes for any time of the year. I mean, it would be a shame not to celebrate having such a gorgeous summer day if your birthday is in June!


With everyone being stuck inside, it’s no wonder that so many people have taken to gaming. Recently, we have created some amazing Fortnite themed cupcakes that are ideal for any gaming lovers out there! Head on over to our Instagram page to check them out!

1st Birthday

Last but certainly not least, we have baby’s first birthday cupcakes. Whether you are celebrating a beautiful baby boy or a gorgeous baby girl, there is nothing like commemorating this special occasion with a fun party (even if it just the household)! Any colour you like, with any design or message, we can do. Anything to make this special day even more special.

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Happy celebrating!