Reasons To Get Your Kids Involved In Baking

We’ve been thinking here at PandiBakes about all of our little bakers and how we can get them even more involved in our classes and excited about baking some amazing cupcakes.

1. Get Creative

By taking the time to start baking with your young one, you will instantly get their creative juices flowing and by using one of our fabulous online classes to help, not only will you be making some amazing artistic cupcakes, but you and your child will also be learning everything there is about cupcakes.

2. Bonding Time

Instead of baking alone, why not include your wonderful children in the process too? By spending extra quality time together, you may find a new hobby that you both can enjoy. Or on the other hand, you can always order some of our bespoke cupcakes and have eating them together as some bonding time!

3. Get Them Feeling Proud

Isn’t it so wonderful hearing our kids say, ‘look I made it myself’ and feeling so proud of themselves? Well, now is your chance to expand that into baking. By using one of our cupcake classes, such as, ‘Basic Buttercream Course Level One’, your kids will be learning all about cupcakes and can take on more baking responsibility.

4. Practices Reading and Maths

If you have got a young child, then baking is a great and super fun way to get in some maths and English practice. Getting them to read the instructions is a brilliant way to develop their reading skills and with so many numbers involved, learning about measurements will be extra easy and delicious!

5. Planning Skills

You can’t make a good cupcake without a really good recipe and we have an easy yet so delicious one for you to follow. With your child, get all of your ingredients together and the equipment needed and teach them how to make a plan (and planning to make some scrumptious cupcakes won’t be hard)!

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Happy cupcake making all you little bakers!