OMG PandiBakes is on YouTube!!!

Hi PandiBakers,

So I’ve taken the leap and now have videos on YouTube Wooooooooo Hoooooooooooo.

I’m actually really excited about this, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do but just didn’t know where to start but I’ve taken the leap and found a way to make my videos so it’s all go go go from here.

I will be showing a number of different videos:

  • Baking with Alfie

  • My online classes

  • How to videos/learning new techniques

And lots lots more.

Check my YouTube page out at “PandiBakes - All About Cupcakes” and like, subscribe and share. If you try out any of my videos I’d love to see your own works of art, so send over any pictures to me at or alternatively #pandibakes and tag me in.

I have two videos posted at the moment, both are classes coming up on the 6th June and are Basic Buttercream Classes Level One and Two, you can see what you will be learning to make and the techniques and skills you will gain on this course. For further details check out my website

Loads more happening at PandiBakes, so keep your eyes peeled.