Make Someone’s Day With a Cupcake Bouquet

If you have ever had a bad day (and I think it would be weird if you hadn’t at some point in your life) then you know that even the smallest of things can make it better. Giving the gift of a cupcake bouquet is a great way to show you care. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate them in making a better day:

Have a Best Friends Day

Getting to spend time with people you love can always put a smile on your face, but adding that to some delicious cakes, well, there really is no better day! If you know a friend that may need some cheering up, maybe they’re going through a breakup or having a rough time at work, head over to their place and bring with you a beautiful cupcake bouquet for you both to enjoy.

Surprise Them

The reason why surprises are so great, is because you never see them coming (unless you’re some master detective!), and in my opinion, one of the best ways to surprise someone, is with food! Just imagine your friend or family member walking up to their door and seeing a beautiful cupcake bouquet waiting for them. Add a special note with a lovely message from you and it will be a surprise they’ll never forget.

Make your own day

Giving someone a great day is wonderful, but who says you can’t do the same for yourself? Give yourself a special day and buy a cupcake bouquet just for you. Eating cake every single day is a bit much, but when you’re having an off day, treating yourself with cupcakes is a must! Choose your favourite flowers and have a day of eating them all in cake form.

Give a Gift to a Neighbour

During lockdown, one of the ways we were able to cope, was because of our fabulous neighbours who helped one another when it was needed and it’s never too late to say thank you. If you are bored of giving the same gift of flowers or chocolates, mix it up a little and give a unique gift of a cupcake bouquet to thank someone for all of their help.


Do you have someone in your life, whose birthday comes around, but you never really do anything for them? It was only yesterday a friend of mine forgot somebody’s birthday and had to send a last minute message to make up for it! Those days are now gone. Remembering someone’s birthday and sending them a special gift of cupcakes is sure to put a smile on their face.

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Now, get out there and make someone’s day with a cupcake bouquet!