Kind Reviews

PandiBakes is so extremely grateful and appreciative of all of our lovely reviews that you have sent to us. We are beyond happy that you all love what we have made for you and are going to try our absolute best to continue to do so. For now, we would like to share with you some of the kindest reviews we have received from some of our fab customers.

1. As you can see from the picture above, we do super cool birthday bouquets ready for your celebrations. The review above offers such kind words and a wonderful recommendation from the lovely Emma. We are so happy you enjoyed your cupcake bouquet just as much as we enjoyed making it for your birthday!

2. Our next review comes from the very kind Natasha, who says ‘Thank you Amy for the amazing bouquet. Tastes as good as it looks’. We always pride ourselves on making high-quality cupcake bouquets that look as beautiful and as much like gorgeous flowers as possible, so hearing someone say such generous words means a lot.

3. Number 3 come from Simon, a wonderful customer who had this to say, ‘Ordered a lovely bouquet for a 3rd anniversary. Order was ready on the morning and was easy to collect. Looked absolutely beautiful! Was almost a shame to taste it but was definitely worth it! I am not much for sweet items but even I could not resist a second one straight away! Very very tasty! Would highly recommend these cupcake bouquets! A very satisfied customer’. Thank you.

4. Next comes a review from the friendly Hayley who says, ‘They were gorgeous as always Amy and my husband loved them. Thank you’. When it comes to making cupcakes for all of the amazing customers out there, we will always give you the best service and tastiest cupcakes. So happy you like them Hayley!

5. Lastly, we have a review for one of our fabulous toppers, ‘Great product and great communication. Have already put in another order!’. One of the things we love so much about our business is that we get to hear from other people and what they like, so communication is key! Thank you so much to everyone who has bought one of our delicious products and we hope you will forever love everything PandiBakes!

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