How PandiBakes Celebrated Halloween

The Halloween season may be over, but with no trick-or-treating allowed this year, there weren’t many ways for us to celebrate the spooky time. However, we at PandiBakes decided not to let this get us down, but to instead embrace all things cupcakes this year! Here are some of the delicious treats we made to celebrate Halloween:


As you can see from above, we made some amazing ghost cupcakes with black icing and orange decorations. They were absolutely delicious and perfect for October 31st. Some people like their Halloweens to be scary, but for us, we love a cute Halloween and with a young child around, making sure the world doesn’t seem scarier than it is, is what makes us happy.


Carrying on with the Halloween theme, you can also see above our fabulous bat cupcakes. They are completely opposite to the ghosts as they have orange icing with black decorations and of course, our sweet little bat on top (which I think should be called Barry)! The kids love these ones and always want to show them off to their friends.


Of course, we had to make a cupcake that truly embodies Halloween. Carving pumpkins has always been a great tradition and now we can put our own spin on it when making our pumpkin cupcakes! We at PandiBakes love making cupcakes with our signature vanilla taste and delicious buttercream, but if you were to ever make them at home, try out some pumpkin spice with it to really capture that pumpkin feeling.


No one wants a real spider crawling around their house, but having a super cute edible one on top of their cupcake is what Halloween is all about! The little ones absolutely love them and we surely love making them. Getting to create seasonal cupcakes is one of the best parts about running this business. I mean when else can we make a mini spider and put it on a cupcake?

Witches Hats

Lastly, we have one of my personal favourite things about Halloween, the witches. Creating the witches hats to put on top of the cupcakes we made for Halloween was so much fun, as witches bring the magic of Halloween to life! Plus, they were really yummy! If you want to see how all of these cupcakes turned out, head over to the PandiBakes Instagram to have a look.

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We hope you had a wonderful Halloween!