How PandiBakes Celebrated Christmas

2020, the Christmas like no other. We all wondered how Christmas was going to end up being this year, but then we realised something, Christmas is whatever you want it to be. Doing anything that brings you joy is what Christmas is all about and for us, that’s baking! Here are all of the delicious festive themed cupcakes that we decided to make for the merry occasion.


One of our most popular cupcake sets, these elf cupcakes are sure to be coming back next year! Santa’s little helpers needed a lot of love this year and making these cupcakes sure got us in the Christmas spirit. People of any age love these cute cupcakes, so make sure you remember to buy your own for next Christmas when everything will be back in its festive place.


A Christmas cupcake sure to put a smile on your face. There has hardly been any snow this year, which means making snowmen has been impossible, until now. We may not have used snow, but we did make super cute snowmen themed cupcakes instead. There wasn’t a white Christmas this year, but let it snow with yummy cupcakes!

The Grinch

This is certainly not the year for any Grinches, but ‘The Grinch’ is one of those perfect Christmas Day movies to get you in the festive mood. Making Grinch themed cupcakes has been so much fun and although we are definitely not similar to the Grinch, we loved capturing his character in a delicious green cupcake that could even make his heart fill with cheer!

Christmas Pudding

Carrying on with all of our different Christmas designs, our fab Christmas pudding cupcakes were a huge hit with everyone we know! A treat on top of another treat, what’s not to love? Even if you don’t like Christmas pudding, you’ll love these as the whole thing tasted like vanilla deliciousness. Christmas pudding is the perfect symbol for December 25th and we absolutely loved making them.


Last, but not least, we have our amazing reindeer cupcakes. With a gorgeous look and a sweet love heart nose, these cupcakes were one of our favourites! Being able to make all of these fab cupcakes this Christmas has been a dream come true and getting to bring you festive cheer made our Christmas even better. It’s been a difficult year, but it can only go up from here.

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We hope you had a magical Christmas!