Who motivates me?

Who inspires me?

Why do I run my business?

Why do I want to be successful?

My son, is the simple answer to all of these questions, he inspires me everyday to do what I do, to wake up and motivate myself, he is so full of energy and I want him to have a good future and blessed future but I also want him to know that you have to work hard, you need to believe in yourself and believe in what you want to achieve, there is no such word as can’t, I have learnt anything is possible, you will find negative people but they don’t matter because you know you can do it, you have to have self belief.

My son loves what I do and I can see at only 4yrs old he already has a passion for baking and that also motivates me, as this allows us to spend time together and learn together.

Me and my son are a little team and he inspires me to be successful and to be not only the best mum I can but also the best teacher for him.

He is the reason that I strive to be successful, not only because I enjoy what I do but also that I want to show him anything is possible in life, you just have to believe in yourself.

Check out me and Alfie baking, every Monday via my blog and social media, next Monday were making yummy chocolate tarts. All my recipes will be child friendly, so why not have a go.