Food Themed Toppers

For anyone that doesn’t know, we at PandiBakes do bespoke handmade toppers for cupcakes and cakes, all available on our Etsy shop. Since sometimes having just a plain cupcake/cake isn’t enough, we have a range of super cute food themed toppers to place on your cake to give it that wow factor! Here are just a few of our food themed toppers that we do:

Tea Party

Even the Mad Hatter himself couldn’t throw a tea party like this! This gorgeous little tea set is back, all edible and on its way to someone special. Perfect for anyone that loves a tea party, these cute cake toppers are great for an Alice In Wonderland themed party, or just for anyone who loves a tea shop! Head over to our Etsy shop now to find a set for you.


Whether it be for watching a film or attending an event, our movie and circus themed cake toppers have popcorn toppers included and look as yummy as the real thing! We love any reminders of going out (especially at the moment) and the thought of being able to go to the cinema or to a fun celebration. Go to the Etsy shop to find the perfect popcorn topper set for you.


A topper set definitely for a girls’ night; these cocktail themed toppers are perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of glamour to their evening. With different cocktail toppers placed onto individual cupcakes, these amazing handmade toppers are a perfect treat for anyone. Made with fondant icing/modelling paste, anyone can enjoy these cocktail treats.


Being a baking company, we couldn’t resist putting what we love on a cupcake topper for everyone else to enjoy. Our cute baking set contains six different baking themed toppers, including: oven mitts, a piping bag, a rolling pin and so much more! For anyone who absolutely loves baking, you will love these toppers and the cupcakes that can come along with them.

Teacher’s Apple

Last, but certainly not least, we have teacher’s apple cupcake toppers. Say thank you to your teachers for everything they have done for you this year by handing them a unique version of a teacher’s apple. These toppers can be placed onto individual cupcakes and are made to look like delicious apples! Any teacher would be more than pleased to get this as a treat.

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