Fabulous Toppers To Order

In case you didn’t know, PandiBakes has an Etsy shop where we have over 100 different edible toppers for both cakes and cupcakes. They are a perfect purchase for those who love to bake but get a little stuck on design. Here are some ideas to get you excited for some topper fun!

1. Book Inspired

Bringing your children’s favourite book characters to life may be slightly difficult, but having them on top of some delicious cake is simple. Whether it’s ‘The Gruffalo’ or ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’, we can make whatever book it is you love seem real with lifelike character deigns that are also yummy to eat.

2. Animals

As this is one of our most popular topper designs, it had to be included on the list! In particular our super cute tiger set which includes a tiger topper, an age tiger print topper and name toppers. This is perfect for a birthday or really any special occasion. We do whatever animal is requested and will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

3. Magical Themed

Mermaids and unicorns abound, mystical themed cakes are all the rage and we are sure not to disappoint with plenty of magical cake toppers to order. My personal favourite topper is the mermaid tail with two shells set which can be placed onto individual cupcakes for a whole group of magical mermaids.

4. Superhero

Are you looking for a friendly neighbourhood cupcake? Well look no further as ‘Spider-man’, ‘Captain America’ and even ‘Hulk’ are here to make your cupcakes even cooler! Everyone has a favourite superhero and we can make them into an amazing topper in a flash! Just head over to Etsy and order your supertoppers now for a super delicious time.

5. Doctor Themed

Thanking everyone who has been out there fighting coronavirus is one of the most important things we can do right now and showing our appreciation in a meaningful way, no mater how small, is something we can do to try and make the world a better place. We have designed a whole set of medical themed toppers just as a little thank you to all of the hard workers who have been out there helping us over these months. Thank you.

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