Different Ways To Give Our Beautiful Cupcake Bouquets As Gifts

For those of you who don’t know, here at Pandibakes, we create gorgeous cupcake bouquets that absolutely anyone would love to receive! Here are a few ideas on how you can gift them:

1. Birthdays

Let’s get real for a second, the best present anyone could want is food, and being a birthday, the only option would be cake! From only £30, an amazing cupcake bouquet would be money well spent and you know that whoever you’re giving it to will eat the whole lot (and maybe let you have one too)!

2. Baby Showers

With all these lockdown babies being born at the moment, you absolutely can’t get just a boring gift for a baby born in an unusual time! With personalised pink or blue colours waiting to be chosen, this unique present will sure bring a smile to everyone’s faces at such a joyous time.

3. Mother’s Day

Obviously, there are quite a few months until we get to the next Mother’s Day, however, if you are one of those people who can never seem to find a present, then scramble around the day before to find something, then start preparing now and think about buying her a special cupcake bouquet to show how much you love her.

4. Summer Gatherings

Since we have now reached the last month of summer, it is our last chance to meet those we love the most for a fun summer garden gathering and what says summer more than a bunch of flowers? The only thing better than that would be a bunch of delicious cupcake flowers, personalised to get that summer feeling.

5. Treat Yourself

Last but certainly not least, treating yourself to some scrumptious cupcakes made to look like delicate flowers is a great way to show yourself some love. Whether you just need some cheering up or want a fun way to celebrate some good news, there is no better way to go than cake and flowers!

Once again, I’d love to thank everyone for their kind words when receiving our lovely cupcake packages and hope you are all enjoying them.

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