Colour Combinations for Cupcake Bouquets

As you all know, our bespoke cupcake bouquets are one of the most popular items we sell. One of the reasons why we love doing them so much, is because we get to see all of the fab different ways that our customers like them to be. There are so many diverse colour combinations that we can do, so here are some of our favourite combinations we have done.


With rainbows being the signature symbol for 2020, there is no better time to order a rainbow themed cupcake bouquet. Rainbows symbolise hope and happiness, so choosing this design for your cupcake bouquet can never be wrong! As you can see from the picture above, our rainbow coloured bouquets are beautiful and will bring joy and sunshine to anyone’s day.

Pink and Yellow

Two beautiful colours that make one beautiful cupcake bouquet. Pink signifies love and yellow means joy; therefore, you couldn’t make a happier bouquet! As the cupcakes are made to look like flowers, we tend to see people choose the more natural colours and since pink and yellow are two of the most common flower colours, they are ones that work very well together.

Pink and White

Just one more pink combination for you, pink and white are often a great choice as they are said to be the purest of flower colours. White and pink roses are very light in colour and symbolise innocence and new beginnings. So, if you or anyone you know is starting a new chapter in their life, then these are definitely the way to go. Added bonus, they look really pretty together!

Red and White

One gentle colour, another bold and fiery, sometimes opposites do attract! With the red flowers symbolising passion and the white meaning peace, they really are a mixture of two personalities. These colours are beautiful together and look amazing when added with a marshmallow petal chrysanthemum in the middle. Plus, they taste delicious!

Orange and Purple

This isn’t exactly a colour combination we get all year round, but the spooky season is upon us and a Halloween cupcake bouquet is surely what we could all do with right now! Orange and purple, two colours that by themselves are just normal everyday colours, but in October, that all changes. Orange and purple now symbolise scary Halloween days and are perfect for all the boys and ghouls out there.

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