Stuck with ideas for your Childs birthday? 

Want a party with a twist?

How about a PandiBakes Cupcake/Craft Party 

No need for a cake - they decorate there own cupcakes.

No need for party bags - They will have all the goodies they make and use at the party to take home.

No stress - leave it to me!

PandiBakes knows how to throw a party!!!

Party Boxes:

All party boxes will be delivered to you prior to the party.

Each party box will include:

- A gift bag

- Cupcakes,

- Sprinkles

- Icing

- Buttercream piping bag & nozzle

 - Rolling pin

- Cutters

All of this they will take home with them.

If you choose the cupcake and craft party, the children will also get a apron with lots of bits to decorate it, everything again, they get to take home with them.

Party boxes are a great way of keeping things simple and allowing each child to have there own equipment and be able to take lots of goodies home with them and all you will need is a table and chairs.  Everything else will be done for you.

Cupcake Party

(This package does not include the craft)

Children will receive:

- Two cupcakes each to decorate in there own way 

- Decorating equipment ie sprinkles and icing will be provided 

£15 per box per child

Cupcake & Craft Party

(This package includes both cupcakes and a craft)

Children will receive:

- Two cupcakes with decorating equipment, sprinkles and icing to decorate

- Apron with decorations

From £22 per child 

If your child would like more of a personalised package and wants to learn something specific at his or her party, then please contact me for further details, using the "CONTACT ME" link above.